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51 gallon refueling transfer tank in truck bed
51 gallon refueling transfer tank in truck bed
aluminum tank industries transfer and auxiliary fuel tanks

Refueling/Transfer Fuel Tanks

Transfer fuel tanks offer convenience, efficiency, and safety. They provide larger capacities, reducing the need for multiple fuel cans. With top mounted 12 volt pumps, transferring becomes effortless. Heavy duty construction ensures durability, minimizing leaks and spills. Plus, they are space saving and DOT certified, making them ideal for various applications

Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. manufactures the highest quality refueling transfer tanks in the industry. Aluminum Tank Industries has been granted a special permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the legal manufacture, mark and selling of legal aluminum refueling transfer tanks. These tanks can be used for commercial and state applications. Choose Aluminum Tank Industries for top quality fuel tanks that will hold up to the toughest conditions and also for your peace of mind.

All of our Refueling Tanks come with the following features:

  • Special Permit issued by the US Department of Transportation

  • Legal for Gas , Diesel, Methanol, Kerosene, Aviation fuel and other liquids

  • Commercial grade lockable vent/prevent filler cap

  • Fully baffled to reduce movement of contents

  • Two-2” npt reinforced bungs for superior strength

  • 3/8” npt drain

  • Hold down brackets

  • Pressure and leak detection test

  • Clean and free of debris inside and outside of the tank

  • 1 year limited warranty

  • Designed for use with transfer pumps up to 30 lbs

    • – Severe Series tanks are required for pumps over 30 lbs.

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42 gallon tank toolbox combo
refueling transfer aluminum fuel tank
100 gallon aluminum  l shape refueling transfer fuel tank
60 gallon aluminum wedge style refueling transfer fuel tank
12v fuel pump

Refueling/Transfer Tanks

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