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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQ's to see which tank best fits your needs

Q: I want to put a fuel tank in my truck bed and pump out of it for my skid steer and tractor. Which tank should I get?

A: Refueling tank. Our refueling tanks vary from 30 to 110 gallons. On all of our product pages we list the tank dimensions. Make sure you select a tank that fits your vehicle and needs. All our tanks are DOT approved to haul gasoline, diesel, and a host of other liquids. They come with two 2" fittings on top. One is a vented cap for filling the tank and the other is for you to attach a 12V or hand crank pump. They also have a 3/8" fitting in the bottom so they can be drained if needed. These tanks are fully baffled so the liquid inside doesn't slosh around during transport.

Q: I am interested in one of your 12V pumps, should I get a 15 gallon per minute or an 8 gallon per minute?

A: That's a great question. It really depends on how many gallons you will be pumping at any given time. Are you filling up lawnmowers or bulldozers? Our 8 gallon per minute pumps are equivalent to the pumps at most gas stations.

Q: I own a small hot shot hauling company and have been thinking about adding a tank to my truck so I don't have to fuel up so often and buy diesel in areas where it cost so much. Which tank would I want and is it even legal?

A: Yes it is LEGAL for you to add a tank to your truck. You want to look at our Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tanks or Auxiliary Gasoline Fuel Tanks . These are DOT approved to hook into your trucks fuel system. Our Auxiliary tanks have the proper fittings and ventilation to Connect right into your trucks factory fuel tank. 

Q: I want to add one of your auxiliary Diesel fuel tanks to my truck. How does it tie in and where can I get it installed.

A: We offer a Fuel Shotz Installation Kit. This kit allows you to save hundreds of dollars by installing your new Auxiliary Fuel tank yourself in less than an hour. The kit comes with a tee that is installed in your factory tank's fill neck. Then its just a simple fuel rated hose that is ran to a fitting in the bottom of your new tank. Included in the kit is a special "roll over" valve. This allows the fuel to flow into your factory tank when needed but stops the flow when your tank is full to prevent over filling and leaking. 

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