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Rectangle Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tanks

The rectangle aluminum Auxiliary Tank is the most popular in the lineup. Our standard diesel auxiliary fuel tanks range from 30 to 80 gallons. If you want to keep most of your bed space check out our more slender aluminum fuel tank designs, some only require 9”. We also have a lay down style that fits under most crossover toolboxes.

ATI auxiliary tanks are used to increase driving range and fuel capacity by as much as 80 gallons by connecting directly into your factory fuel tank through the factory filler neck. These tanks are designed for use with our Fuel Shotz diesel install kits. This will keep your factory tank completely full until the auxiliary tank is empty. You will know your auxiliary tank is empty when your factory fuel gauge moves off the full mark.

Auxiliary fuel tanks can also be used to supply fuel to the engine of machinery and equipment such as generators. We offer auxiliary fuel tanks for diesel and gas applications. Our auxiliary fuel tanks meet all the necessary DOT requirements.

We believe that in order to offer the best tank on the market, we need to start with the highest quality materials available. All tank fittings and parts are manufactured here in the USA by American companies. Many of our competitors save a few dollars by using inferior parts shipped from China without considering the overall quality of the finished product.

All ATI auxiliary tanks come standard with a 3/8″npt outlet, vent with rollover protection, automotive style fuel cap, and fully welded baffles to reduce slosh and add strength. These tanks are constructed from rugged diamond plate aluminum.

Diesel Fuel Tank Install Kits

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